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About Lee

Lee Kimball combines over thirty years of business experience with a passion for promoting connection for all who seek.

Visionary, 12-Step Facilitator, and Businessman
Lee works to allow the BethWE teaching help others connect for their highest good. Lee has dedicated countless hours in service to people suffering from separation as the result of substance abuse, relationship conflict, and mental illness. In his effort to introduce tools for living more purposeful, balanced lives, Lee lends his expertise to develop programs, schedules, and technology to bring our message to those in need. You can also hear him co-hosting the weekly BethWe Radio Hour. Lee is dedicated to making others feel a sense of belonging when they plug-in to BethWE, whether on the website, social media site, or at a live event.

Lee's Story
Lee’s path to connection was driven by circumstance rather than virtue. Though his early memories are of family, friends and a carefree existence, around age eleven, Lee recalls beginning to feel disconnected  from those around him. For the next 25 years, Lee lived a life of obsession and excess as he sought  relief from this hollow feeling. His world was a merry-go-round of twisted relationships, depression and isolation. Lee’s suffering touched, affected, and sickened all that loved and cared for him. Eventually, Lee found solution in a group of spiritual principles which led him to a profound and lasting awakening! 


Connect, Communicate and Thrive
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