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12 Steps to Better Living

We all have our issues . . . things that drive us, dominate us, and keep us from living our best lives. Back in 1935, two men battling the same challenge met. Somehow, through sharing together, they were able to overcome the debilitating weakness they shared.

These two men, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, went on to share this experience with others who suffered from the same challenge. They created a program of recovery, and they suggested those wanting to restore their lives follow a group of twelve spiritual principles, called steps.

You don't have to be an alcoholic to benefit from this amazing way of life. If you are suffering, working the 12 Steps can bring about relief and give you a new way to think and cope. Since these steps were first published, they have been adopted by many different groups to help their members become "happily and usefully whole." It's time to welcome this design for living that can help you reconnect with God, with others, and with your true self.

Steps to Better Living - Guaranteed! Steps to Better Living - Guaranteed!

Please take these study guides, and put them to use. Our hope is that all over the world, small groups of people will gather to commit to working through these tenets as a group. What the founders of this organization discovered is that nothing brings relief like helping another person who suffers from a state of brokenness that you understand at a gut level. Make a few calls to build a small group, and download the study guides. Work together until you complete the tasks suggested. We guarantee it will change your life. Some folks say, "if you're not satisfied, we'll cheerfully refund your misery." Though these specific guides are based on overcoming active alcoholism, your small group can focus on other compulsive drives that you understand. For example, maybe your first step is: We admitted we were powerless over binge-eating -- that our lives had become unmanageable." Insert your personal struggle into the step, and get busy healing.

The guides will refer you to two basic texts: Alcoholics Anonymous, often called the Big Book; and the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, referred to as the 12 & 12. The good people at your local AA Intergroup will sell you these tomes at cost. If, however, you're not sure how to find your local chapter, you can purchase them or read them online at:   www.aa.org     Just click on the tab marked INFORMATION ON A.A.

Congratulations on deciding to take action. You will not be sorry if you make and keep this commitment. Remember, we guarantee the results!


BethWE.com does not represent Alcoholics Anonymous, nor do we profit from the teachings assimilated in these study guides.



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