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About Beth

Beth Walsh Stewart is a gifted teacher and  author who has helped thousands of people find their authentic selves and connect with the God of their understanding.

Teacher, 12-Step Facilitator, and Author

Through Wecovering.com, Beth teaches on various topics — online, via radio, through monthly artilcles in Vero's Voice magazine, and at live workshops — always with the focus of helping the struggling to connect to God, to their fellows, and to their true selves.  Her direct delivery and humorous analogies encourage others to engage so they can develop new life skills to assist them in becoming all that God had in mind for them to be.  Facilitating 6-month seminars on the 12 Steps of Recovery for 30+ years, Beth has an uncanny ability of bringing people face-to-face with the natural tendencies that write the scripts of their lives.  With Love as her guide, Beth helps participants face sordid histories and fear-based present concerns so that they can live in wholeness and a right relationship with God.

Beth has multiple books available, including the g.o.d. speaks series, the Spiritual Heat JournalPlateful of Grateful, and Box of Feelings, a children’s book for kids of all ages

Beth’s Story

Beth’s earliest memories are of perceived separation.  At three different times in her life, she bottomed out.  The first time, Beth was afraid she was going to die because of the horrific beating she inflicted on herself with drugs and alcohol.  It was a physical bottom that was solved by geography — she moved across the country.  In the next bottom, Beth was afraid she wasn’t going to die — that she would have to continue living a meaningless existence riddled with lack of purpose and design.  At this time, she called on the God she had learned about in her childhood, and experienced a huge spiritual shift that filled her with hope and longing.  Even with the recovery of her Spirit, life continued to make demands that Beth couldn’t fill.  Nine years after she discovered the Truth, Beth hit a roadblock that stole her sanity.  She appealed to others who had walked through that pain before her to find the way back to wholeness and health.  Now, over three decades later, Beth is still walking the talk.  Respectfully, she has lived by this motto:

I have been called to help my brother find his authentic self and his God, and I best accomplish this end by sharing my pursuit of the same.



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