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Lonely and Used Up?

Who We Are 
Dedicated to helping people move off the sidelines back into the center or life, BethWe addresses real issues. So many have lost the ability to live their priorities due to life circumstances, addictions, and setbacks. Our goal is to start conversations that bring about real change.

In addition to our work devoted to improving quality of life, BethWe knows that increasing influence of a new family disease that is changing the face of America - addiction. Addiction lies to everyone, from the addicted person himself to the family and friends who love him. Though there are many programs to help people get clean initially, follow up strategies and informations are vital. Once detoxed, life patterns such as depression, anxiety, and isolation can rob those trying to recover of purpose and joy, leaving them in loneliness and despair. If these patterns do their worst, thoughts of suicide or self-harm may seem a viable option. Inability to communicate this anguish can lead people to believe there is no port in their emotional storm. Families and friends want to help, but are unsure how to proceed. Sometimes, those recovering from dysfunctional dependence need a little more help.

We developed a new web presence called Wecovering.com because we know what it's like to hit a bottom in life. We encourage recovering alcoholics and addicts and those who love them, reminding them that it is possible to move from numbness to peace of mind, from loneliness to useful wholeness, and from separation to connection.

What We Do
 Successful recovery demands persistent self-reflection and growth.

To that end, BethWe.com and Wecovering.com host workshops to deal with issues that affect those seeking wholeness and abundant life. Years of isolation and obsession cause sufferers to experience separation from basic practices that allow them to thrive. We shares tools for overcoming the challenges of getting broken lives back on track. Workshops are listed on the website, and include such topics as Funky Family Relations, Forgiveness, Challenging Old Beliefs, Dealing with Anger and Fear, and Living Your Best Life - Clean.

Tips, tools and understanding about the ups and downs of starting life over or maintaining and moving out of dysfunction are part and parcel of our outreach. Weekly blogs are available subscribers. Sign up at the Contact Us page. Other regular written offerings include a monthly feature in Vero's Voice magazine that bring awareness to the patterns that lead us away from connection and into isolation. Social media posts are designed to show up and encourage our followers, because we know that life's hard hits can come out of the blue. Staying in the moment and readjusting our attitudes are helped by gentle nudges to live on purpose - and with purpose.

We believe that the chains of bondage can be broken when right thinking is restored. We have witnessed incredible transformations in areas of alcoholism and addiction, financial fears, and personal identity work. We offer hope that life can become full and purposeful to those who have lost their joy. 

We Are An Active 501(c)3 Organization
We need support to continue this important work. Our seminars, books and other tools are provided at no cost to those who cannot afford them. If you are interested in finding out more about opportunities to support this effort financially or by volunteering, please contact our Beth at beth@bethwe.com.  Our website DONATE button is operational anytime. All donations are tax-deductible, and serve to help the disenfranchised find the road back to connection.

Work to Do!
We are building our Board and growing our technological fingerprint so we can reach people who are in isolation. Please pray for us. We want the struggling to regain the desire to live. Already, we have impacted lives. Won't you help us impact more?





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